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Data Escrow

Data Escrow is an elegant solution for a complex need. Data Escrow evolves out of Data Backup. A backup is simply a copy of information, generated for use in case the regular data is no longer available. For example in case of fire. Backups are often made with in-house systems, on in-house tapes and stored in in-house vaults. In practice, it appears that in 80% of the cases a backup does not reproduce the desired result. The data is either unreadable or inaccessible.

Under specific conditions defined in advance, you authorize Temple·Suisse to hold, guarantee, and release data deposited within our vaults to yourself, or beneficaries.

Under the terms of the Agreement, you will anonymously deposit with Temple·Suisse, secured information assets, which Temple·Suisse holds, audits, and controls until the terms of the Agreement are satisfied, or until you withdraw the assets.

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